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LOVE!  Nathan Felde’s  What the AIGA didn’t tell you,” process.  The first step Felde lists first “acquiring a distinctive persona” is so spot on.  It is a bit cynical and snarky yet so much of the industry is fitting the image.  The bright side of this is that people with persona’s or personality that stands out – stands out. And anyone can take something about themselves and make it part of a persona. (Dubberly 49)

Bryan Lawson, Creative Process is another that speaks to me in a real way.  Insight, prep, incubation, illumination and verification.  Such words put a magical spin on the process. Incubation and Illumination. The bright idea that sparks.  Lawson gives credit to the period of time in the process where one is not conscientiously thinking about the process – rather they are not and that is when the solution shows itself. This is also know as the shower effect.  (Dubberly 42)

Lawson’s model doesn’t give much room for analysis, yet it it does give creed to the mental process of creativity.

Ideo adds a step “rapid prototyping” which is an interesting concept – they feel you should not waste time, mock up everything from products to services.  This seems like a useful way to brainstorm beyond the norm. It add excitement and energy that can push the ideas. (Dubberly 65)

The system approach after Verein Deutscher Ingenieure, allows for continuous back and forth movement through every step which seems to be the most reflective of the design process where as anyone other than the designer is involved.   (Dubberly 32)


My own approach is evolving regarding my process. Room for brainstorming in alternative ways and analysis is developing.

Hugh Dubberly, How do you design?, (San Francisco: Dubberly Design Office, 2005), 32, 42, 49, 65.

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