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This week reviewing the three process binders included in the unit readings, I am struck with how different everyone’s binders can be.  Jane Dorns was the most inspiring in that it was casual yet tight, it was also not elaborately designed and relied on the process to work out the details. It looked like a sketch book and not a project.  In the PDF version half the spread was computer generated the other the sketch book page.

An idea from Dorn’s Process is the yellow highlighting of usable or best ideas. This is very clever simple device used to jog her own memory and process as well as guide the reader through.

April’s as well is very clean, white paper, small type and lines used to direct the flow. Again the same half page digital information and the other the sketch book.

Turpin’s book is more “designed” yet her illustrations are wonderful.  They are well done and rich with detail for thumb-nailing.


Ironic that this is the course content for the week because it has come to me that I need to sketch on half sheets of tracing paper so that I can scan them easier.  I have tried to make my process binders simple and clean and have not succeeded at this.  In past courses we were shown examples that look like we designed thought out final projects which in reality were process binders.

What I take from this is  permission to keep it clean(er) and spend more time on the ideation and less on the compilation.

I do like to sketch on tracing paper because of the smooth surface and the way the markers leave a watermarker-ish appearance. See samples from my own drawing pads. The negative to using tracing pads can be transparency of the page for replicating, the size and the sloppiness of the pages which fall out.  I also use pencil often which is very light and hard to share digitally.

All in all my preliminary work is not as elegant as it could be.  The process biner experience has been valuable and a wonderful way to follow my own train of thoughts.

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