This is the end… | wk8-2

Every term my mind is more open to the possibilities. While all this preliminary work is at times time consuming – it serves as a good exercise.  As able I try to introduce the students to the concept of preliminary work and record keeping. They live computer and so it can be a stretch. There is no formal organization when they do preliminary work, my own is getting better yet my physical methods need improvement.  I may have a methodology now it needs refinement.  This term also expanded the writing methodology which will be most helpful when it comes time to do a thesis project.’

Thankful …

for a second chance when most needed,

a Professor who doesn’t let us off the hook (no matter how painful)

developing skill set and expanded thinking.

Goals for the week get it done!

                     Get one night of 7 plus hours of sleep.

                                                 Learn and implement into new more organized methodology.

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